Administraing your host and website

Are you managing your website as well as your host yourself? If this is the case then you know how sometimes it could be difficult as it is not always clear where the problem lies.

Long ago I used to run my websites on shared hosting with CPanel but since I wanted to experience PHP frameworks and Laravel in particular I had to move to some sort of  self-administrating hosting plans. Laravel and other PHP frameworks need a much higher level of administration over the server than a simple shared-hosted website. Access to SSH for example to download and install dependencies. 

Of course the hard times you get the result in some bonuses such as having more control over the version of PHP you are running and also the version of MySQL database. Furthermore, you usually get a much higher speed and specification for your money compared to shared hosting. But why am I complaining? The foremost reason is the time needed to learn the basics at least as much as can kick-start our sites.

Just recently my text editor – sublime – had a very weak and troublesome FTP connectivity. After lots of tweaking and changing the client side I found out that my server has run out of hard space. 

It is easy to run out of space when having a dedicated server or VPS. The reason is that the initial capacity is so large that you would never expect it to fill out.

Administraing your host and website

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