Beta version of FlashCard plugin ready

Well, I guess this is the time that I can say the first phase of my flashcard plugin has ended and I’d say its has gone well although I am not happy with the amount of time spent on that so far. It has taken 20 days for the completion of this phase which is actually beta and further testing is necessary. 

The process starts with a user visiting the main page here. If the user wasn’t logged in would be instructed to log in or register if not yet. After logging in they will be presented with the courses already created by the admin – note to myself: users must be able to add their own courses too -. If they click any of the courses they will be sent to the single course page and from there the can start testing themselves against the flashcards presented. 

First the user guess the answer to the question and after making sure clicks on the “Show Answer” button. Upon clicking the button the answer would be shown and the user can verify their answer against the correct answer given. Now the examinee has the option to rate their answer against “Good, Average and Bad” scores. At this moment the question would be hidden and the user can answer the other questions.

Let’s say a user has answered all or part of the questions inside a course and return to the course later.  Based on the logic that Lithner provides they will be tested for the questions that their answer was incorrect first. 

Note to myself: pagination has not been implemented.

Beta version of FlashCard plugin ready

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