Bootstrap carousel vs Owl vs Slick Slider

I have tried a few carousels in my developments. The first one was the native – native? – Bootstrap carousel which is really simple to implement, as long as you have Bootstrap CSS and jQuery in the project of course. It is a very simple to implement and has a nice and easy to eyes transition. The problem with this carousel is that it doesn’t have an inherent multi image display.

I didn’t want to dismiss it immediately and started googling and found some interesting solution with one big big catch. Also these solutions are working fine but the slides weren’t one at a time. Lets say you have managed to display 3 image at each screen but when you click next instead of adding one to the right and removing on at the left it would push 3 new slides to the screen which was not what I wanted at all.

One solution that I stumble in was Owl Slider, the application solves the problem and the slides move as expected. 

While I was looking into Owl Slider I decided to write one myself and It came up really nice. 

Bootstrap carousel vs Owl vs Slick Slider

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