Creating a gallery section for the site

I have had some experiments with creating galleries for WP projects and recenlty I build a simple gallery plugin for some administration purposes but this time I am going to add not just a gallery for the web site but a gallery section that contains it’s own custom post type and looks like it is a complete separate theme.

The gallery section is going to be something like Woocommerce which has it’s own posts – ie products – and each product has it’s specific attributes – meta datas -. The same way that WooCommerce has it’s own “shop” page my plugin gonna have it’s own front page with it’s own style.

I am going to make it with a plugin so in theory it can be easily installed on any themes in the future and not just specific to an individual theme.

I am starting the development with a CPT and a front page with nice design and list of all galleries.

Update:  10/4
During the process I realized that I should create a specific setting page for the section. This setting page will be used for the different sections of the home page so that the user can decide the elements of different areas of the homepage. For the start the setting page will consist of one section that enables users to add iconboxes for the home page with the ability to select an icon, header and the footer of the iconbox.

Update: 20/10
All right, I’m nearly done. Some style adaption has remained which I will attend in the future. Here it is. 

Creating a gallery section for the site

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