First Glance into WordPress 5 Release Candidate

On the 23th November WordPress announced the release of it’s long awaited major update. I downloaded the zip file to set it up on a subdoamin of mine to evaluate the version and see the differences.

The first difference that I noticed is the file size. Latest stable WP – ie 4.9.8 – is around 9200 kilobyte. In comparison, the WP 5 is 11700-kilobyte so around 2.5 megabytes heavier.

The installation process is totally the same as version 4. You’ll need a database and username and password for the database. I didn’t see a single style difference there, not even a color and font family. Upon installation the user will be taken to the login page which again is similar to earlier versions.

After logging in the user will be taken to the admin area with the dashbard as default landing page. Still everything is the same. To be very prudent the version at the title bar has change to 5.

The menu on the left is the same. Posts, Media, Pages, Appearance and so on. and upon clicking each option you’ll get exactly what you would have with earlier versions. One added component to the tools page is worthy to mention and it is “Categories and Tags Converter” which is actually not an addition but just a suggestion for downloading the plugin

A new theme has been added to the Appearance => themes page called Twenty Nineteen. On the same top menu we see old Customize submenu and no surprise there as well. All the other options seem boring too.

Verdict: From what I see now the only change is utilizing the Gutenberg Editor which isn’t very impressive. It doesn’t have any exceptional capability like enabling the user to drag blocks to desired place or overlapping the block. 

First Glance into WordPress 5 Release Candidate

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