Gone the age of algorithm

Old school programmers remember the time when we had to “solve a problem” and by that I mean it. lets say we wanted to validate an integer in a form, we had to check the characters against “0” to “9” and provide different suitable feedback to the user so that they know what went wrong. Furthermore people weren’t so comfortable with computers and they used to get frustrated if a useful feedback wouldn’t be displayed so the programmer had to consider every single possibilities and help the user during the process.

Web developers had to go a long way to prevent SQL injections from a form submit request to the extend that Regular Expressions had a huge communities discussing over. Set your G custom time to ten years ago and search for something like “how remove image tag from string” and you would see a long list of search results and the answers were usually implementation of Regex.

But Everything is different now. Since I started moving to WordPress I see a simpler way to solve a problem every minute and by “simpler” I really mean “no brainers”. You want to extract the SRC of an image from the database? Don’t worry about escaping and validating, WP does that for you. Want to insert it into the database, never mind the injection  and validation, WP does it for you.

I remember the first time I wanted to create a form with AJAX submission and I thought I had to jump a few loops to accomplish it. In the end when I found the way it was so easy that I didn’t believe it would work. 

Gone the age of algorithm

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