Implementation of Spaced Repetition System on WordPress

Have you heard about “Spaced Repetition”? If your answer is yes you probably know much of the theory behind it and how different approaches have been made to use it to solve the ancient problem of “forgetting what you’ve learned”. If you haven’t I bring a scenario as an example that probably every one of us has already been there.  It’s the old story of the boy tries to learn a new language, boy starts with a few lessons and some vocabulary, boy start forgetting what he learned earlier, boy gets bored and quits.

Why learning a new language is so difficult? It’s not because language is a rocket-science, on the contrary, it’s very simple. At the risk of making the matter hugely simplistic I would bring this formula:

Learning a new language = Memorizing bunch of stuff

If this is true how come so many intelligent people have problem learning a new language? The answer: thousands of piece of information must be memorized and they are so prone to being forgotten. – Maybe I’d better find more suitable terminology here 🙂

Fill this later,….

So the data going to be a series of questions and answers, with each set of question/answer there is going to be at least one score either 0-1 or 0-5 which will be translated to Bad, Good, Excellent or perhaps something like:

  1. I don’t know
  2. I barely remember
  3. I know the answer
  4. I immediately guessed it

And for each score, we need the date that the score was submitted. If we want to keep the scores over a period of time we need to record more than just the latest score/date set for each question/answer. 

First solid decision would be use of Custom Post Type so each set of QA would be saved as a post – or page, doesn’t matter at this point -. For the set of information I’m gonna use matadata and meta boxes.

Second thought: It accrued to me that in real life each user has different set of results so either I have to create a huge complex metadata or a better way is to create another specielized table and put the result for each QA based on the user who submitted it – ie was logged on – at the moment.

Implementation of Spaced Repetition System on WordPress

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