Inspecting wordpress architecture

Can I have a test page and call it test.php and somehow WordPress calls it whenever let’s say I go to
And by this, I don’t mean using the page template.

One way is to use 404-page for test projects but the problem is when we really need that 404 to do what is supposed to do.

So far the best way I have found is creating a page with the title “test” through the dashboard and creating a page-test.php

I could maنe a post but post always appears on the blog page while page stays backstage until we call them. Had I created a post with the title of “test” I need to somehow exclude it either programmatically or perhaps make it private which I haven’t done for any page yet. I am going t try it on this page.

Result: Private works fine too. If I make this page private only I can see it and only when I know the exact page URL. So if the title is “test” and I go to provided I am logged in I can see it. Cool.

Also if I create a file called single-post-test.php any call to /test would redirect to that page but it doesn’t serve my purpose and still has to be private – in case of posts – otherwise pages word better.

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