Plugins or no plugins

I am sure during every developer’s project cycle – CMS of course – the question comes up, “Do I use a plugin or build a custom tool?”. There are many advantages to using a plugin and if it wasn’t that nobody would look at them again. For example consider E-Commerce plugins, the possibility that you can replace an E-Commerce plugin with your own custom code is next to zero. Woocommerce for example is larger than WP itself.

The security implication is one of the big advantages of using a well constructed plugin. Imagine the huge responsibility of writing your custom code for a large company with tens yet hundreds of thousands dollars  turnover each month, it takes your night sleep away compare to using a world famous plugin like Woocommerce. Even if there is a security hole in it you are only responsible for regular update and the front-end.

What is the problem then? CONFLICTS!

The matter gets worse when they conflict with your own version of jQuery and Bootstrap.

Send me your experience with this problem and the solutions you have come up with. 

Update: One example of problems with plugin I encounter today. I am trying add my own custom walker to the menus and to see the errors enabled WP_Debug and noticed that my beloved plugin – phpeverywhere – drops this error: Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated …

Apparently, phpeverywhere is not compatible with PHP 7.2. Being a fan of having the latest PHP/MySql version this is unacceptable for. I disable the plugin for the moment to see what I’m gonna do about it. 

Plugins or no plugins

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