On this page I’m gonna build a showcase of different carousels that I have tested and maybe a brief description of them and their pros and cons.

The first one is my very own carousel. I have created a plugin to build multi images per frame carousel to solve my problem with other carousels. When using other plugins they either don’t have the support for multi images within a single frame – like the inherent bootstrap carousel – or they simply slide multi images at once. What I needed was a multi image carousel that slides the images one-by-one and after some struggle, this is the result:

It accepts a nextgen gallery id and shows them based on the number user specifies.

The next one is an implementation of Cloud9Carousel which I myself like very much. It is one of the rare plugins that display a carousel like this and is free. This one displays a group of feature images that I have saved in my custom gallery page – as part of my own plugin – 

With help of WP_Query we can display the last nth number of posts the same way. In the future, I might add some sort of jQuery so that I can include both samples here.  By the way, it was a little tricky adjusting and make in responsive on a small screen and needed a little tweaking.

And this one is a super-simple bootstrap carousel.