Color Picker Widget For The Front-end of Website

Have you ever wanted to use a simple color picker for your site? Let’s say you want to provide the users with the ability to select a color and request it for some reasons. This mostly happens for website developers or graphic designers. WordPress has provided us with the ability to enable users with a nice color pallet but strangely the option seems to be mostly for the admin area and not the front-end of the website. With the help of a few articles here and there on the internet, I managed to get past this barrier and place a color pallet on the front end of a website.

A friend of mine recently decided to provide his website users with a color pallet so they can pick a color and copy the HTML code for it. Since I already have had a similar problem and managed to solve it I decided to take up the challenge and make a widget out of the solution.  As the result I made a plugin with several advantages over many other similar plugins that I have seen as follow:

  • Object-oriented design
  • Widgetized
  • Shortcode enabled
  • Ready for translation

Hope it goes well. Download it here: a-color-picker